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If you hold an associate’s degree and are interested in law enforcement or related fields, the online B.A. in Criminology degree from the University of Saint Mary (USM) is the key to your new career. To understand crime, it is important to understand the causes of and triggers for criminal behavior. This program incorporates psychology and sociology coursework to help you develop a truly interdisciplinary understanding of criminology. In addition to core concepts, you will acquire the most effective problem-solving skills as you learn to de-escalate volatile situations.

Our curriculum is designed to align with current and emerging industry needs. Each course is built on the recommendations of local law enforcement experts and administrators on the USM Criminology Advisory Board. The result is a curriculum through which you will develop ethical leadership skills and the ability to effectively communicate and interact within your community.

A degree from the University of Saint Mary puts you in a position to successfully compete in today’s job market. Along with advanced skills and insightful knowledge in your chosen field, you’ll gain the disciplined focus to achieve your career goals. As you stand among the accomplished alumni of the University of Saint Mary, you’ll be able to leverage our reputation as you build your own.

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A Career-Focused Curriculum

Our curriculum emphasizes the behavior of criminals, professionals in the field, and the reactions of society in order to better prepare the student for a career working with people. We approach each subject from the perspective that law enforcement is a caring/service profession, and we position graduates to understand the root causes of human behavior as opposed to merely reacting to the acts of others out of fear or reflex. Courses you may take in this program include:

SO 210 Deviance and Society

Introduction to the theory and philosophy of the sociological concept of deviance. Criminal and noncriminal forms of deviance will be studied using a variety of theoretical approaches.

CR 431 The Criminal Mind

In this course, students examine the lifestyles, practices, and motivations of serial killers, robbers, and those who assault citizens in our communities. Learners review psychosocial theories used to analyze and evaluate deviant human behavior and the environment that precipitates repetitive criminal conduct. The course is also an introduction to profiling criminals and predicting criminal behavior.

CR 350 Victimology

Major theoretical issues and debates in victimology. Victim blaming and defending, research and victim statistics, legal and policy dilemmas, bureaucratic responses to victims, and evaluation of victim compensation and restitution.

CR 490 Corrections

Study of the emergence of jails, prisons, and youth facilities; structures and functions of correctional facilities; staffing and personnel training; programs and services; administration of correctional facilities; prison overcrowding; legal and political issues confronting corrections.

Online Convenience, Educational Excellence

Earning your bachelor’s or master’s degree from the University of Saint Mary online is a vital step in building the future you want. Flexible and convenient, our online degree programs help you balance work, family and other commitments with your education. Solid curricula, experienced faculty and engaging courses provide you with a high-quality education from a prestigious university, paving the way for career success.

Justice-Focused Career Paths

While most law enforcement agencies don’t require degrees when hiring, most require them for promotions. The online B.A. in Criminology from the University of Saint Mary gives you an edge as you enter the fields of criminal justice, law enforcement, corrections or victim advocacy. By completing an optional practicum placement through our program, you can better prepare yourself for employment.

Some 92% of USM Criminology graduates joined their desired field in jobs including:

  1. Federal law enforcement
  2. State trooper
  3. Police office
  4. Corrections officer
  5. Probation officer
  6. Juvenile probation officer

We empower students to effectively deal with people and understand motivations. Most LEOs haven’t trained in a broad enough spectrum of ways to address the behavior of others—too often leading to a simple violent response in the face of all unknowns. We give students the foundation needed to de-escalate situations by understanding what motivates people.

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